Dear NEL Community and Esteemed Investors,

We would like to update you today on some exciting developments and innovations within our crypto project, NEL.

Your support and trust mean a great deal to us, and we are thrilled to keep you informed. Until now, our primary focus has been on development, and we are proud to say that we havemade significant strides in this regard. However, we’ve recognized areas where we needed improvement, such as Corporate Identity, website, whitepaper, pitch deck, roadmap, and overall communication (global marketing, international audiences, and social media presence).

We want to assure you that we are actively working on enhancing these aspects. To ensure that NEL excels in all areas, we have expanded our team by bringing in experienced professionals in marketing, product development, finances, design, copywriting, corporate identity, website optimization, tokenomics, and more. Additionally, we are planning to utilize a launchpad to expedite our ICO sale. This launchpad will grant us access to vast communities and, due to its reputation, will instill confidence in our investors. All these measures require time for preparation and implementation, especially considering the upcoming holidays.

We also want to ensure that our native DEX is fully operational beforeproceeding with the overall launch. For these reasons, we have decided to postpone the launch to guarantee that every aspect of our project is of the highest quality. We ask for your patience and trust in our team. The new launch date will be announced as soon as possible, and rest assured, it will be amatter of weeks, not months. The launch will be divided into two phases: the “Blockchain Launch” and the “Overall Launch. “The “Blockchain Launch” will proceed as planned on January 2, 2024, and will include the following:

• Our All-in-One App will be available on app stores, featuring ELWallet and Debitcard functionalities. We will also provide workarounds so that you can benefit from our platform even if ELT tokens are only available at the “Overall Launch.”

• BlockBook will go live.

• Our NEL Blockchain will be integrated into Metamask, including ELC and ELT contract addresses.

• We will adjust trading bot returns to ensure the sustainability of our system. All packages completed before the end of the year will adhere to the current conditions, and returns can be adjusted as market conditions change.

• We will gradually initiate 150 early miners after the Blockchain Launch.

• ICO Stage 4 will be extended until the launchpad.

• The Launchpad Sale, also known as “ICO Stage 5,” is expected to take place on DAO-Maker, the most renowned and largest launchpad, supported by an extensive community.

• The conditions for the Debit Card ICO will remain unchanged for the time being. We appreciate your continued support and understanding of these adjustments. Please stay engaged, as more exciting updates are on the horizon. Together, we eagerly anticipate the exciting steps that lie ahead.

Warm regards,

Your NEL Team