NFC Technology:

Unique Connection

A specific hash uniquely links each KEY CARD with your NEL-WalletApp, enhancing protection against unauthorized access.

Whether through your smartphone or using an NFC reader on a PC – the KEY CARD supports various access methods for your security.

Two Package Options for Individual Needs

To meet different requirements and preferences, we offer the KEY CARD in two packages: a 3-card set for maximum security and convenience, and a 2-card set as a reliable backup solution. Both options ensure that you always have access to your digital assets, even in the case of loss or damage to a card.

With the combination of advanced NFC technology and exclusive integration into the NEL-WalletApp, we are setting new standards in security and user-friendliness.

With the KEY CARD, we are introducing a new standard of security and convenience for managing digital assets – secure, straightforward, and perpetually accessible.