Token Info

The Financial Infastructure

The EternalLifeToken (ELT) serves as a cornerstone within the NewEternalLife Ecosystem. As the primary currency, ELT grants access to a wide array of services and functionalities, making the ecosystem distinct. It encompasses various economic activities that foster a lively and interactive environment.

Economic Significance

Limited Edition:

ELT is distinguished by its limited supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, ensuring high demand since its release and enhancing value through supply constraints.

Value Appreciation:

The token's value is driven by market dynamics of supply and demand, coupled with targeted liquidity injections from trading fees. Here, 50% of the fees are allocated to liquidity and the other 50% to the token's value growth.

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Passive Income Through ELT:

With an innovative staking model, EASY EARN enables users to secure attractive returns by holding ELT tokens, highlighting the investment's long-term stability and appeal.

Investment Plans:

Various plans offer returns up to 126.00% per term, supporting prolonged engagement within the ELT ecosystem.


Decentralized Crypto Debit Card:

Available in both virtual and physical forms, the NEL CARD broadens ELT's usability and provides access to exclusive benefits within the ecosystem. The card emphasizes ELT's practical application in daily life and promotes the integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial transactions.

Play-to-Earn Activities

Earn With NEL:

ELT allows users to engage in a variety of play-to-earn games, earning tokens through their activities and achievements.

Crypto Casino

Win With NEL:

ELT acts as the currency within the Crypto Casino, affording users access to a broad spectrum of games and the opportunity to receive their winnings in ELT. Incorporating the EternalLifeToken (ELT) into investment portfolios grants access to the NewEternalLife Ecosystem, which aims at broadening and redefining opportunities in the realms of digital finance, Web3, and cryptocurrencies.