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NewEternalLife Blockchain will be a complete decentralized, fast and secure Blockchain. It forms the basis of the entire ecosystem on which all applications are built. We rely on the latest encryption techniques, which guarantee a very high level of security.


A Gamified Marketplace Dedicated To The Metaverse And Gaming Assets. The Metaverse Marketplace Allows Users To Trade, Auction, And Rent Virtual Ownership Assets From Various Metaverse And Gaming Projects. The Metaverse Is The Next Generation Of The Internet.

DEX / Wallet

A Gamified Marketplace Dedicated To The Metaverse And Gaming Assets. The Metaverse Marketplace Allows Users To Trade, Auction, And Rent Virtual Ownership Assets From Various Metaverse And Gaming Projects. The Metaverse Is The Next Generation Of The Internet.

All Your Crypto Apps In One Place

You will receive an app in which you can use all the applications of our ecosystem. From wallet to swapping to messaging, all anonymous, secure and decentralized in one place, secured with passphrases. Your Keys –> Your Coins & Your Keys –> Your Messages.


Explore Web 3.0, the foundation of the metaverse – a virtual world where we’ll interact in the future. Interconnected, interoperable virtual spaces with digital economies. Create, share, and enjoy content, breaking physical space barriers.

Team Member


Gregor Rakitnik
CEO & Founder
As Founder and CEO of NewEternalLife, Gregor is responsible for all development and coordination for the project. He is the interface between Community – Marketing and developers. Gregor speaks a number of programming languages himself and has overseen the project from the idea through to implementation.
Patrick Martins
Head of Development
The Head of Development coordinates and monitors all development teams. Thanks to his many years of experience in blockchain technology, Patrick is perfectly suited for this position.


NewEternalLife is a comprehensive ecosystem based on a fully decentralized, fast, and secure blockchain. It aims to promote anonymity and decentralization through the development of advanced applications such as DEX/Wallet, communication tools, and a metaverse. With the latest encryption technology, it offers a high level of security and integrates various applications like messaging, financial management, and play-to-earn in one place. NewEternalLife strives to shape a new generation of the internet with digital economies and interoperable virtual spaces.

Gregor Rakitnik, CEO & Founder of NewEternalLife, leads the project with extensive programming knowledge and a strong spirit of innovation. Patrick Martins, Head of Development, oversees the development teams, brings years of experience in blockchain technology, and supports the project with leadership and commitment.

You can directly access the ICO platform through the following link:


NELCEX is a hybrid crypto exchange from NewEternalLife that offers security, anonymity, and user-friendliness, with features like investment plans, P2P trading, and a marketplace for crypto transactions.

ELWallet enables secure access to crypto assets with full user control, integrated DEX for confidential transactions, and offers high security through personal passphrase management.

ELTalk is an app that provides a hybrid, blockchain-based messaging system with end-to-end encryption. It aims to offer users a new level of privacy, security, and anonymity.

The NEL CARD is a decentralized crypto debit card, available in virtual and physical forms, that offers maximum security through smart contracts and requires simple soft-KYC.

NELGOLD enables gold investments with diverse options such as direct delivery or secure storage in Switzerland, backed by certificates of authenticity.

EASY EARN offers passive income through safe investment opportunities in collaboration with leading crypto trading companies, supported by a fully automatic system and encrypted servers.

NewEternalLife focuses on integrating a variety of current and future use-cases into a single, comprehensive app. This strategy facilitates the creation of a complete ecosystem of decentralized applications, centralized in a user-friendly location. The already implemented features include a versatile multi-chain wallet with flexible swap options, 24/7 chart monitoring, and an integrated function for creating, managing, and topping up debit cards, providing an unprecedented level of user-friendliness and functionality through the seamless connection of various services.

The integration of the KEY CARD into the NEL App provides an additional layer of security protection. This innovation enables its use as an access control and for conducting important financial transactions, with NFC technologies setting a new standard in security and convenience. The KEY CARD, as a complementary feature to the NEL App, enhances the security level and adds an important component for a safer user experience.


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